Today's HOME BUYER Needs the Right Expertise on their Side


Since 1985, the name Toni Parker has meant fine real estate in the communities of Corona, Norco and Riverside. Growing-up in Norco and living throughout Corona and Riverside she has developed a singular and intimate knowledge for the area’s beauty, amenities, neighborhoods and people.

Also, Toni has an uncanny ability to recall property details, specific models, neighborhoods and builders is PRICELESS. You want Toni on your side!

Funny story:  on one of this real estate couple's first dates, a colleague of Toni's told Steve that her nickname was "Chip" - short for "Computer Chip" - because of her total recall ability. Well he found out it was True!  Test her out for yourself...

Consistently a top-producing agent and Client favorite, Toni offers unsurpassed communication and interpersonal skills along with in-depth and up-to-the-minute market knowledge. 


Graduating as an Engineer from Cal State Long Beach and having done several interior redesigns and home remodels, STEVE PARKER can help you assess the potential of any home you may be interested in.

Because he is a Certified Distressed Properties Expert you can feel confident taking his advise on a Short Sale or a Foreclosure Sale (REO).  If you are interested in a Distressed Property, Steve's knowledge and hands-on experience in these transactions will be invaluable to you while navigating through these processes.

With more than 20 years as Head of Operations with manufacturers and service providers his longstanding reputation for superior organization, skillful negotiating, getting results and his sophisticated yet down-to-earth approach provide clients with a distinct advantage in the purchase of their dream home.


Toni and Steve can help you find that best, perfect home quickly and easily AND at the best, perfect price with the least amount of problems and hassle.


and we give you a FREE Home Warranty...  now what could be better!